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HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index Fund

Aims to create long term appreciation of capital through investment in a diversified portfolio of securities as defined by a relevant world index, which meets Islamic investment principles as interpreted and laid down by the Shariah Supervisory Committee and provided to the Board of Directors.

In focus

  1. Summary Paper: Introducing Islamic Investment Principles

  2. Fund Overview

Why consider this Fund?

  • Independent oversight: an independent Shariah Committee consisting of two internationally renowned Islamic scholars overseeing investment in the Fund to ensure compliance with Islamic principles
  • Global exposure: tracks the Dow Jones Islamic Market Titans 100 Index of the 100 largest global stocks that comply with Islamic investment guidelines
  • Full physical replication: the Fund aims to invest in all the constituents of the Index in the same proportion as the Index
  • Strong inflows: launched in 2004, the Fund size is over USD4.7bn* across both the SICAV & CCF structures
  • Low costs: 0.3 per cent ongoing charge figure
  • HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index Fund is passively managed and index tracking

*Source: HSBC Asset Management, as at 31 January 2024

Fund Finder Middle East Awards 2024 - HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index


Shariah philosophy

Islamic Finance differs from conventional finance in the following ways:

  • Ban on interest (Riba)
  • Ban on uncertainty (Gharar)
  • Ban on speculation and gambling (Maisir)
  • Risks and profits are shared among all parties
  • Ethical investments that enhance society
  • Underlying assets must be tangible and identifiable
For more information on the HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index Fund strategy, contact us.